Recipes are methodologies for youth workers, teachers and educators on activities related to media technologies, digital technologies and computer science. We constantly adapt our recipes to suit the needs of different target public in order to achieve a better quality of non formal (and also formal) education.
All resources we produce are available for free, on demand. Just drop us an email stating your needs and briefly explaining the context of the activity you are envisaging. We will be more than happy to help !

  • A logical journey : from algorithms to visual programming softwares
  • Real robots : arduino and DIY robotics
  • The digital native guide to the galaxy : digital citizenship and digital identity
  • On-line educate me : online learning platforms for teachers and educators

Links to Partner Organisations and Events

 echosciences-sud Keep up to date with scientific events in soutwhest France

Wheeldo Fablab on wheels

Fablab toulouse Digital fabrication laboratory in Toulouse

HackLab Le Mans Nonprofit organization focused on growing the Maker community in Le Mans, France

Digitalme British non-profit organization active in digital mediation

Open Badge Academy Earn your own digital badges to showcase your digital skills and achievements


On-line sharing and communication platforms on digital DIY

Educational resources

Principles of Art & Design Based upon New York City’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, these lessons allow students to get hands-on to explore the principles of art and design

3Doodler Workshop A one-stop shop for resources to help you prepare for and lead a fun and effective 3Doodler Workshop.

Brico 3D Maker in Catalunya, Spain

Thingiverse Join the largest 3D printing design community and browse for 3D printable files that you can download, remix, and customize.

OpenSCAD Write simple code to generate 3D printable designs that can include geometric objects, text, and modifiable dimensions.

PrintShop Create 3D models from your own drawings or use easy tools to customize bracelets, medals, and signs, right from an iPad.

Tinkercad Construct 3D designs from simple shapes and combine, move, resize, and manipulate them using your mouse.

Sculptris Use your mouse to sculpt life-like characters and other organic shapes from a virtual
ball of clay.

La Fabulerie Educational tools and activities on digital science, electronics, robotics

Open Badges Open badges for all on topics from the digital science

Wikidebrouillard games and activity ideas with Arduino Educational activities on computer science for young people from 4 to 18 years old

La Malinette C'est un kit pédagogique sous licence libre pour découvrir et apprendre à construire des systèmes interactifs. Il comprend un logiciel et du matériel électronique, une carte Arduino et un ensemble de capteurs et d'actionneurs.

eduFab Un kit pédagogique autour du thème de la fabrication digitale. Il a été produit par l'Université de Bremen, en Allemagne, et il est destiné à accompagner les enseignants dans la mise en place d'activités éducatives au sein d'un Fablab.

Makerspace starter kit Télécharge un kit pour démarrer un atelier éducatif au sein d'un makerspace

The thinkering studio Le musée de la science, de l'art, et de la technologie de San Francisco, propose des tutoriels pour réaliser des ateliers pratiques autour du numérique et du bricolage

Tinkering Europe Le musée de la science et de la technologie Leonardo da Vinci, à Milan, propose un guide pour la mise en place d'activités éducatives autour du DIY (do-it-yourself)

Hello World un magazine dédié à l'éducation aux technologies du numérique édité par raspberry.pi

Arduino class disponible sur

Wearable technology class disponible sur

Mozilla Teaching activities Des ressources éducatives compilés par les éducateurs et à destination des travailleurs jeunesse Ideas for educational making workshops

Makered  information meant to provide educators and facilitators with ideas for short-term activities as well as open-ended long-term projects on the topic of making

EduWear Kit educational kit on e-textiles developed by the Dimeb at the University of Bremen